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The Last Article

[caption id="attachment_15765" align="aligncenter" width="604"] Langer (left) & Schotz (right)[/caption] As many of you know by now, this is the last article that will be posted to Taking Bad Schotz. Thanks to all of our family, friends, fans, and random athletes that have supported us over the years and inspired us to continue producing content. On behalf of all of the people I just mentioned, includin ...

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Some Awesome High School Highlight Videos

Highlights you can watch for days. If we missed your favorite video feel free to share it in the comments! Vince Carter: [youtube]T4572RD69cQ[/youtube] Jason Williams: [youtube]8j4q44lAFsM[/youtube] Lebron James: [youtube]9IwQHUih1u8[/youtube] Kobe Bryant: [youtube]fIwdz3s_8ps[/youtube] Josh Smith: [youtube]tSoCSLi_WZs[/youtube] [youtube]P7hmKXYGnDU[/youtube] Amare Stoudemire: [youtube]7Z-x05PoOpk[/youtube] ...

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SI Twitter 100 Snubs

On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated released its third annual Twitter 100, a list of the top sports accounts on Twitter that are not related to SI. The list included players, teams, analysts, a sports law professor and more. Of course, there are a lot more than 100 terrific Twitter accounts in the world of sports, and thus, a lot of great accounts did not make the cut. Here are the best accounts that did not m ...

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Random Athlete Of The Day- Danny Almonte

Danny Almonte is not just another “Random Athlete of the Day,” he is a legend and a childhood baseball hero. And like most of those heroes: Lance Armstrong, O.J. Simpson, Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, among others…he was an awesome fraud. [caption id="attachment_15597" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris Gardner[/caption] Almonte played for the Rolando Paul ...

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Reflecting Back 12 Years Ago

Do you remember where you were 12 years ago today? I do. I was in my second grade class with all of my friends just having a normal day like everyone else when chaos started to occur. Teachers went to meet outside to try and grasp what was actually going on. After the second plane hit it was clear that this was a deliberate attack against our nation. Was there more to come? Were we ourselves in danger of a ...

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Five Questions For The Anaheim Ducks

With training camp starting on Wednesday for Anaheim, there are some key question marks Coach Boudreau is looking to solve. [caption id="attachment_15562" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: Rueters[/caption] 1) Who will skate on the first line with Getzlaf and Perry? After trading Bobby Ryan to the Senators, the trio of stars was broken up and a void remains on the top line. With Selanne committ ...

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Top Point Guards Vol. 4

Finally, the last volume of the “Top Point Guards” series. Here are the top two point guards in the world... [caption id="attachment_15550" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: AP Photo[/caption] Tony Parker’s numbers aren’t really exceptional, but that doesn’t matter. His control of the Spurs offense is out of this world. We all saw his performance in the Finals, the game-winner in game one and t ...

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