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Mexican Nightmare Continues, U.S. Streak Ends

On a night where Mexico needed a win to rectify its path to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Golden boy Oribe Peralta gave Mexico a 1-0 lead just six minutes in (breaking a streak of 300 minutes without scoring at home). Mexico sat back and controlled the tempo of the game and had a few chances to double its lead. Honduras was nowhere to be seen the entire first half. He ...

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Splash The Cash & Win A Title

Flashback 10 years ago, little John King used to wake up early every Saturday morning. His newfound team, in a new sport were in the midst of one of the greatest single season accomplishments in sports history. For the first time since the English Premier League was created and only the second time in the history of First Division football in England, Arsenal were going to finish the season unbeaten. After ...

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State Of The Union Address: In Klinsmann We Trust

[caption id="attachment_14982" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: Garrett Ellwood/Colorado Rapids[/caption] Jurgan Klinsmann could be considered a genius come this time next year.  While I’m not predicting anything, I will say that US soccer has never looked this impressive as a program in its history. Coach Klinsmann is in the middle of building a world-class football program here in the United ...

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Future Of Bale & Suarez

Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez are both considered world-class players and seem destined to move on to new horizons soon, so lets take a look at if they should move, and what the outcomes of a move might mean. [caption id="attachment_14626" align="aligncenter" width="600"] via standard.co.uk[/caption] Both have been valued at astronomical prices by their respective teams with Bale being the more expensive at 8 ...

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A Comeback Story You’ll Want To Hear

If you grew up in my town as a kid you would notice that the residents worship the game of soccer. As one grew up over the years you most likely played recreational soccer, travel soccer, or maybe if you were good enough, played on the school teams. I happen to be one of the few that did not play soccer, I was a baseball player, but that did not mean I wasn’t associated with the game. Still to this day I ha ...

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Goals Of The Week- Luiz & Robben

I know many of people will be studying for finals this week but take a break from the study grind to see the tops goals of this week, both of these fine shots coming from mid week European games. This first goal is a thing of beauty from David Luiz. Not only does it all but assure Chelsea’s date against Benefica in the Europa League Finals, it could be the goal of the tournament. Don’t forget Luiz plays a c ...

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Top 9 Best Derbys In The World

1. El Classico Barcelona and Real Madrid are arguably the best two teams of the last decade in all of Europe. This match brings the whole world to their feet when they play. It brings together Messi and Ronaldo, but this is not the only highlight of the game. It gives the Catalonians of Barcelona a sense to "fight" for freedom from the rest of Spain. There is definitely nothing better than El Clasico. 2. Su ...

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