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Why Marc Gasol IS Better Than Pau

I hear this statement all of the time and it frankly upsets me.  Pau is so much better than Marc. Obviously, I am referring to the brothers Gasol:  Pau is on the Lakers, Marc is on the Grizzlies. Adria, the youngest brother, plays for UCLA, but trust me, his future is not bright.  If a team full of unathletic Jewish kids at the JCC can beat a team with a college basketball player, he is not a budding star.  But that is beside the point.  Any fan from outside 901 area code assumes that Pau is only more skilled, but far better in nearly every aspect of the game. These people would be wrong for a multitude of reasons.

1. Marc is a much better passer than Pau. Though Pau has more career assists, it is a little bit easier to have an assist when you pass the ball to one of the greatest players in the game.  Watch the Grizzlies play, and you will see the way Marc distributes the ball, often achieving more assists than the Grizzlies Point Guard Mike Conley.

2. Marc is a force. Pau has always been soft and everyone knows it.  Marc consistently battles in the post with the largest and most brutal big men in the league. And not only that, he contains them. Marc controls the paint unlike his brother, both offensively and defensively.

3. Pau is a four-time all-star on the downward slope of his career; Marc is just getting started. It took Pau five years in the league to get his first selection to the all-star game. Marc was selected to the all-star game last year, in his 3rd season in the league. To say Marc Gasol is not the 2nd best Center (Dwight Howard) in the Western Conference is ridiculous, whereas Pau might not even be in the top five Power Forwards in Western Conference (Dirk, Griffin, Love, Randolph, Duncan). He’s better than Randolph and Duncan, you say? Pau has put up 14.3PPG and grabbed 9.9 RPG, but Zach Randolph’s numbers are 16.2 PPG and 14.5 RPG and Duncan’s are 18.9 PPG and 9.7 RPG. Please, re-assess.

4. Pau put up great numbers when he played for the Grizzlies, setting the Franchise record in points, blocks, and rebounds. He did this on teams where Jason Williams and Shane Battier were the stars. Marc Gasol could very easily be considered the 3rd best player on his team. It is easy to score 20 points a game when the offense is run through you, but not quite as easy when Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph are the primary and secondary scoring options.

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So, in summation, Pau is the inferior Gasol and there is no denying it. By the end of his career, Marc will have exceeded Pau in every measurable category, thus asserting his dominance as the ringleader of the Gasol clan, that is, if he can hold off Adria.

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Adam Greenberg attends the University of Michigan, he'll argue to the death that Marc Gasol is more talented than his brother.

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    You are completely wrong for the following reasons:

    1) You can’t call Pau soft when he is one of leaders in the league in rebounding year in and year out, Marc is not even close.

    2) We’ll see how many rings Marc gets in his career.

    3) Yeah, Pau’s numbers are a little down this year, but that’s because he is older and arguably the 4th option on the Lakers (you said Marc was 3rd on the Grizz).

    4) If Marc was “better” he would have proved it when they both played for Spain this summer… Pau was clearly the number 1 on their team, and proved he is still one of the best in the world when he has the chance to put up numbers.

    5) How can you say Marc is a better passer when he has less assists… Pau Gasol has 5 triple-doubles, Marc has never gotten one.

    6) We’ll see how good Marc is when he is over 30.

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      Adam Greenberg

      1. Z-Bo grabs 15 bounds a game. Marc is lucky to even touch the ball when Z-Bo is in the game. Don’t be upset that the Grizzlies play team basketball.

      2. We’ll see how many teams Pau leads to a ring. I could sit on the bench of the Lakers for five years and would guarantee myself a ring. While Pau is obviously much better than me, the Lakers rings will be credited to Kobe and Pau will likely not even be given Pippen status in the eyes of reminiscing fans. Also, read “Outliers.” Pau was in the right place at the right time. If he were still on the Grizzlies, he would still have as many rings as Marc.

      3. 3rd best on the team is generous. Marc might be considered 4th depending on views of Mike Conley, who is the most underrated point guard in the game. If old were an excuse, would Kobe’s numbers keep rising? How about Duncan’s?

      4. I shudder to even consider an argument that has to do with “pride” playing, but I will continue. Pau is a better offensive player. Hands down. The offense was run through him, and thus, his points, assists, and rebounds were all higher. Not only that, but watch the little things Marc does. Pau loves the stat sheet, Marc loves to win.

      5. Watch Marc play the game. It is appalling that your argument for who is a better passer relies only on the number of assists. When you pass to Kobe, you will get tallied for an assist. It could be a mediocre pass, and you will still get the assist. Watch Marc play and see his court awareness. Numbers mean that you are good, intangibles make you great.

      6. Indeed. Timmy D can do it. Z-Bo can do it. Why can’t Pau?

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      Marc is a much better passer than Pau. Pau’s career numbers are higher because when he was with the Grizzlies he was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd option. Marc has never been the 1st option on offense, however the offense flows through Marc in the high post. In my opinion, you are really comparing apples and oranges. Marc is a facilitator who’s not afraid to bang down low. Pau is a finesse scorer who checks for blood every time he goes through the lane.

      Laker fans are butt-hurt that they traded away the better Gasol.

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    Greenberg-First of all, Bynum and Howard have both averaged more boards than Z-Bo every year except the 4 game sample size we have this year, so that is NO excuse at all. Pau has been playing with other 7 footers too.

    How can you say Pau wasn’t important on those Laker teams?!? Pau was second on the team in points, first in rebounds, and top three in assists on the team every year. Also, the Lakers have had the highest winning percentage since Pau joined the team that ANY other team in the NBA…

    If you sat on the bench of the Lakers without Pau, you would have seen 0 rings.

    By no means if I’m saying Marc is bad, I just think Pau is better. They are also two completely different players. I still think passing is a toss up, but I’ll give it to Marc. Rebounding and scoring goes to Pau. Defense they guard different positions, but Pau is able to guard more mobile 4s as well as 5s, where Marc mainly guards the 5 spot.

    Yes, Pau screams more than any man should, but that doesn’t make him a worse player.

    Samuels: Hate on the Lakers all you want, just like how people hated on the Heat… They’ll both be in finals at the end…

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    First off, nobody thinks Pau is better than Tim Duncan. He isn’t. But saying he is worse than Zach Randolph is laughable. I look forward to a defense of this stance beyond presenting scoring and rebounding numbers from the first 7 or 8 games of the season. Please, re-assess.

    Second, please don’t defend your position by saying Pau is soft and Marc is not and therefore Marc is better than Pau. That’s a completely subjective claim that, if true, doesn’t seem to be hindering Pau’s ability to put together a hall-of-fame career.

    When it comes to assists, you penalize Pau for playing with such good teammates on the Lakers. Pau averaged 3.1 apg with the Grizzlies. He has averaged 3.5 apg with the Lakers. Marc has averaged 2.5 apg in his career. If it’s so much easier to get assists when you’re passing to good players, why did Pau average more assists with bad teammates than Marc has with good ones?

    When it comes to points, you penalize Pau for playing with such bad teammates on the Grizzlies. Pau averaged 18.9 ppg with the Grizzlies. He has averaged 18.2 ppg with the Lakers. Marc has averaged 13.1 ppg in his career. If it’s so much harder to score when you’re not the first option, why has Pau scored so many more points behind Kobe than Marc has behind Rudy Gay?

    And as for dismissing Pau’s blocks and rebounds as a Grizzly because the team wasn’t good? This simply doesn’t make sense. Pau averaged 8.6 rpg as a Grizzly. He has average 10.1 rpg as a Laker. And I struggle to see how different teammates would have any significant effect on blocked shots.

    The truth is that the facts don’t back up your argument, so it completely collapses on itself when you try to invent reasons why we shouldn’t trust the numbers.

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    Thank you Tom, you seem to be the only logical one out there…

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    Alright, this is coming from a Lakers fan. I think Marc is much more valuable to the Grizzlies than Pau was to the Grizzlies or the Lakers. Obviously it showed after a defensive player of the year award you were yet to see. First off as a lakers fan, I get nervous when Pau gets the ball. I don’t with Marc. Marc makes better decisions and whether you like it or not, Marc does play more physical if you watch the game. Forget about stats, this is about who most benefits their team when it comes to wins. Marc hands down, was the best center in the league this year. To say differently is to be ignorant. Marc is better in the NBA he will continue to be and Pau will always be a secondary scorer regardless of who is on his team. However, Marc will continue to be the 2nd or 3rd scorer on the team. This is not where Marc makes his money. He makes it on defense. Where Pau is laughable at best. Watch both of them play the same team and tell me Pau is better. You’re either lying of in denial. Yes, I am a lakers fan, but Pau has got to go and it is obvious the lakers traded away the better brother.


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