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Top 9 Worst Sports Excuses

Recently, two Seattle Seahawks were suspended for the use of the banned substance Adderall. However, cornerback Richard Sherman is appealing his four game suspension, claiming he “accidentally” took the Adderall, claiming it was mixed into the drink of teammate who is prescribed the drug. This excuse is pretty weak, as I find it extremely difficult to believe that someone could accidentally take a performance-enhancing drug on a game day. Lets take a look at the top 9 worst sport excuses.

9. Brandon Marshall suffers artery, vein, & tendon damage and got surgery:

The superstar wide out suffered a horrific injury early in his career, but it wasn’t on the gridiron. Marshall slipped on a McDonald’s bag. Maybe there are more dangerous things at McDonalds than the food itself.

8. Guillermo Mota suspended 100 games for his second positive PED test:

Photo Credit: AP/ San Francisco

Mota claims the positive test was a result of drinking his child’s cough medicine. Why was Mota taking his kid’s medicine? Can Robitussin get you bigger?

7. Sammy Sosa gets caught with corked bat:

via totalprosports.com

Slammin’ Sammy defended himself by saying that he was using his corked bat in warm ups to pump up the fans. Maybe he should be more careful between his corked and uncorked bat selection. And his steroids from his non-steroids.

6. Jeff Kent Breaks Wrist:

Photo Credit: AP

Former Dodgers second baseman Jeff Kent broke his wrist while doing wheelies on his motorcycle, a forbidden activity according to his contract. Kent told the Dodgers he broke his wrist while washing his car. Maybe he was scrubbing a little too hard.

5. Tennis player Richard Gasquet tests positive for Cocaine:

via sportsgrindent.com

Gasquet claimed that he in fact did not take any Cocaine, but rather kissed a girl who had, causing him to test positively.

4. Roger Clemens “mistakenly” threw bat at Mike Piazza: 

via sportsbycolin.com

Clemens told the media that he thought the bat was the ball… Maybe they need to get rid of the DH in the AL.

3. Andray Blatche in trouble for soliciting a prostitute:

via tumblr.com

Blatche was busted for soliciting a prostitute and later commented, “She was not dressed as a prostitute” ….wow, really?

2. Floyd Landis tests positive for Testosterone:

via thetimes.co.uk

Landis said that his positive test was due to the fact that he had been drinking Whisky the night before. That might be manly, but I certainly haven’t heard of it raising Testosterone levels.

1. Shaun Rodgers Arrested for having a loaded gun in the airport:

photo credit: AP Photo/Amy Sancetta

Rodgers claimed that he had no idea the gun was loaded… Ignoring the fact that he had a gun in the airport…


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