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Top 18 Hottest Athletes Wives/Girlfriends

Originally I was going to narrow this down to a top 9 list, but when we’re discussing athlete’s wives or girlfriends then the more the merrier. Enjoy

18. Kelsi Reich At number 18 we have Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Kelsi Reich. Many of us recall seeing her at a Dallas Cowboys game in November of last year when her boyfriend David Nelson caught a touchdown pass for the opponent, the Buffalo Bills. Nelson ran over to her and handed her the ball, while she was cheerleading for the Cowboys. Not many of us knew who either of them were, or if they were dating, but we sure know who Kelsi is now. When you Google David Nelson, one of the first pictures that comes up in images is a picture of Kelsi; she’s a drop-dead gorgeous blonde and she just makes the cut for this prestigious list.

17. Lauren Tannehill Unlike our previous girl, we knew our next pick’s husband before we knew her. Dolphin’s rookie 1stround draft pick Ryan Tannehill’s gorgeous wife, Lauren, was introduced to us on HBO’s Hard Knocks TV show this year. To most, it was the only reason to watch the show once Chad Johnson was cut. Lauren and Ryan met at Texas A&M and married in January of this year. Ryan should continue to get that fantastic “Athlete Losing Sex” for years to come, all thanks to Lauren.

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16. Rachel McCoy We met Rachel during Colt McCoy’s years at the University of Texas when he actually started games. Frequently they would show his trophy wife cheering him on in the stands. Well, now that Colt rides the bench for the Browns, we don’t see much of Rachel anymore. Colt might not be winning football games, but he sure is winning at home.

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15. Anna Burns When you Google “Anna Burns,” the first link you see is a Wikipedia page to an Irish author. Please click the second link, and you’ll find Wes Welker’s stud of a wife. Anna is a Hooter’s model and actually won Miss Hooter’s International 2005. Wes proposed to Anna right before this year’s Super Bowl defeat to the Giants. Maybe she was on his mind while Tom Brady’s pass was going through his fingers late in the 4th quarter. Either way, Welker’s wife has got the goods.

14. Alicia Sacramone Coming in at 14th is retired Olympic gymnast Alicia Sacramone, who is currently dating Kansas City Chiefs backup quarterback, Brady Quinn. Quinn, like Colt McCoy, is enjoying his female companion more than his NFL career. Sacramone must be an ideal girlfriend, considering she can probably contort her body in almost any shape or direction. Quinn is clearly having more fun in the bedroom than on the field, make that the bench.

13. Gabrielle Union  At lucky number 13 we have the beautiful Gabrielle Union. Dwayne Wade has claimed this prize and, based on recent interviews, he plans on marrying her. Union, an actress, has been in titles such as Bring It On, Cradle 2 the Grave, and Bad Boys II. She dated Jason Kidd in High School which will certainly add more intensity to the Heat-Knicks Rivalry, but Wade will have the last laugh.

12. Larisa Fraser The Hebrew Hammer is a superstar on the field, and also is engaged to a certified dime piece in Larisa Fraser. There is not much on Ryan Braun’s fiancée, but what we do know is that she’s a gorgeous brunette Canadian Model who has a thing for Jews. Braun is an inspiration to all Hebrews, and shows that we all don’t have to be accountants and run the financial world; we can also dominate baseball and have trophy wives, if we do PEDs.

11. Bibi Jones Also known as Lexy Jones or Brittany Beth, Bibi isn’t a hard ten, but she makes the 11th spot on our list simply because she is a porn star. Rob Gronkowski has been photographed several times over the past year with this “actress” and you can picture the rest. A porn star is not who Robert Kraft and Bill Belichek envisioned Rob Gronkowski dating (sarcasm), but I mean if he continues to be the best at his position, then why not?

10. Candice Crawford Tony Romo has clearly moved on from Jessica Simpson, and is now married to the lovely Candice Crawford. Crawford was Miss Missouri 2008 and placed 10th in the Miss USA pageant, which must have caught Tony’s eyes. On April 9th of this year they welcomed their son into the world. Maybe Candice and his baby boy can help him cope with yet another December debacle.

9. Gisele Bundchen Why does Tom Brady have to have it all? I ask myself that question every day when I wake up. Gorgeous Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen has been married to Brady since 2009 and together they have produced two children. Gisele played the sexy villain in the Jimmy Fallon comedy Taxi and continues to be a global sex goddess. Gisele is just another reason for everyone to hate Tom Brady.

8. Jessie James Number 8 on our list is the perfect country singer, Jessie James. Broncos’ wide-out Eric Decker is currently engaged to the dazzling James. He has become quickly one of the league’s best pass catchers and is now dating one the hottest singers in the country. Even when Decker embarrassingly tripped while running for a break away touchdown, his fiancée tweeted that he fell because of his third leg. Wish I had a girl that liked me that much to tweet something like that.

7. Samantha Ponder (Steele) Sam has set the ESPN world on fire lately and has become the new Erin Andrews. She just recently married Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder, but who really cares about him? Samantha is a drop-dead stud and the story of how she rose to the ranks of hosting various ESPN shows is quite remarkable. She always wanted to be on ESPN, but grew up not having cable TV. She decided to fly out to New York and work at the ESPN Zone, as a waitress, thinking she could meet some people who work at ESPN and get noticed. Well, as crazy as it sounded, it worked and here she is today number 7 on our list, but also taking over ESPN.

6. Irina Shayk  The Russian supermodel who has posed in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for the past five years is currently dating soccer icon Cristiano Ronaldo. I am very heterosexual man, and I can still say that Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the best looking guy in all of sports. Whoever he is dating is usually a goddess and a supermodel. Shayk was on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2011 and in the same year voted “Sexiest Woman in the World” by a Hungarian magazine. Ronaldo, as always, can’t complain about life.

5. Brooklyn Decker  As of late, Andy Roddick  has become more famous for being married to Brooklyn Decker than he is for playing professional tennis. Decker is a bombshell Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret Model. She is also known for being in the movies Just Go with It and Battleship. She was most recently the amazing Gina Gibiatti in the hit show The League. She defines the word hot and Andy Roddick is one lucky guy. No wonder he retired early.

4. Maria Sharapova The hottest tennis player in the country dating a bench player in the NBA? Well, that was what Sasha Vujacic was pulling off before Sharapova called off their engagement this past spring. There was no way we were leaving Sharapova off this list, even if she currently isn’t dating an athlete. Combine Marias’s perfect body and face with the grunts she makes every time she hits the ball and you get a top five player’s wife.

3. Torrie Wilson Torrie sneaks up the ranks this year to number three because she has become Alex Rodriguez’s new toy. At age 37 the former WWE wrestler has still got it, catching the eyes of the Yankees controversial third baseman. Alex will be on the mend for several months to begin the season which means plenty of time with Torrie. Maybe he just got the hip surgery so he can just have unlimited sex and get paid millions of dollars at the same time, and not be a porn star. Wilson, I would imagine, is quite flexible from her wrestling days, so that can’t hurt for Rodriguez since he will be immobile.

2. Kristin Cavallari Runner-up for the top spot on our list is Kristin Cavallari. As much as I hate Jay Cutler, he does have a stunning partner. Cutler and her actually split up after they were engaged, but soon got back together and plan to marry. Kristin is better known for being on the TV Shows Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and The Hills. She even appeared on The League this year, to my delight. Cavallari is perfect in every aspect of the word and douche bag Cutler has to be with her. Unreal.

1. Victoria Beckham The prestigious number one on our list goes to the famous Victoria Beckham. Victoria and David Beckham are probably the hottest couple in the history of sports to tell you the truth. She is best known for being part of the All-Female British Pop Group, the Spice Girls. She was given the name Posh Spice and married the best soccer player ever to come out of Great Britain. She is a sex-goddess and takes the Gold on our list.


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