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Top 9: Most Outrageous and Badass Athlete Tattoos

Many job industries still consider body ink on their employees taboo, distracting, and unacceptable. The sports world, however, does not fall under this category. Not at all. The following athletes have taken to the needle and ink in some of the most outrageous and badass ways.

9. Fernando Torres

The Spanish striker who plays for Chelsea has more than his fair share of tats, including the names of his children and wife (Nora, Leo, and Olalla, respectively). He also has his name in Tengwar tattooed on his left forearm, the number nine on his right wrist, and a date in roman numerals on his right shin. Chances are good this tally isn’t complete yet.

8. Chris Andersen

I cannot possibly give a rundown of all the Birdman’s tattoos. There are just way too many of them. His body is a canvas full of bold and over-the-top new school, tribal, and Japanese style tattoos. His tats are so well known that he was a guest judge on the first season of Spike’s hit show Ink Master.

7. J.R. Smith

Photo Credit: Tom Heisler/The New York Times

In a recent Interview with the New York Times the Knicks’ guard revealed that he had “lost count” of how many tattoos he had at “around 70-something.” His collection of body-covering ink consists of a Yankees logo on his neck, a portrait of Jesus on his left peck, and the words “Through the Fire” above his right elbow.

6. Colin Kaepernick

Photo Credit: Michael Short

The on-the-rise star QB for the San Francisco 49ers is hiding more tats under those shoulder pads than what meets the eye. He has half-sleeves on both his arms, which are visible when he’s in uniform. But his entire chest and back are covered with ink and he has an impressive piece on his ribs as well.

5. Robert Sacre

Sacre’s tattoos are more entertaining and outlandish than badass. But they still get the Lakers’ center on the list. Along with the tattoos covering both arms, he has portraits of DMX, Snoop Dogg, and Mike Tyson on the right side of his torso. Not much can top that.

4. David Beckham

His tats are some of the most recognizable in the sports world. He’s sporting two complete sleeves and a Japanese piece running down his left rib cage. Clearly Victoria likes a man with ink.

3. A.J. McCarron

Photo Credit: Outkick the Coverage

Not only does the Alabama QB have a beautiful girlfriend, (as Brent Musburger made abundantly clear to us all) he also has a beautiful piece of artwork on his chest. The enormous piece consists of biblical imagery and terminology. The words “Ma” and “Pops” as well as his brother’s name, “Corey” can also be found in the piece.

2. Jeremy Shockey

Photo Credit: David Rojas/Contributor/FilmMagic

Shockey rocks by far the most badass and patriotic tattoo in the biz. His upper right arm half-sleeve has a bald eagle in front of a waving American flag. The piece, which the tight end got to express his pride in his country, took 21 hours to fully complete. Few things shout “Hell yeah America” quite like his tattoo.

1. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Getting the number one spot on this countdown depends on quality, not quantity. The football player-turned-wrestler-turned-actor boasts one of the most badass tribals out there. Covering his entire upper-left arm, shoulder, and peck the tattoo took a total of 60 hours to complete. It was time well spent, earning him our top spot.

Honorable Mentions: Brock Lesnar, Mike Tyson, Monta Ellis


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    WoW, i officially HATE Robert Sacre (Lakers-Backup 5).
    Whoever would get A Tat montage of Mike Tyson & SnoopDogg smoking dope is fucking retarded, downright lame, & has No-sense of self & lacks the decorum of originality. Unless he wanted to honor them for saving his life or they were paying Robert’s & the Sacre family bills b4 he got rich. Maybe then it would kinda make sense.
    The Birdmans tats are extremely bright, i mean loud almost obnoxious.
    Where’s Ai ?? Iverson’s tats are good & actually have some reasonings behind them.


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