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Can the Clippers Get Dwight Howard And Chris Paul?

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Recently, I have been wondering how the Clippers are going to improve their roster to appease Chris Paul. I think if they got Dwight Howard to join with him and Blake, then the Clippers big 3 would be on par with the Miami Heat. Yet is this possible? Eddie Sefko brought up that the Clippers are trying to do it, but how would they? Lets look at the salaries.

Right now the Clippers salary for 2013/2014:

Blake Griffin: $16,402,500

DeAndre Jordan: $10,986,550

Caron Butler: $8,000,000

Jamal Crawford: $5,225,000

Eric Bledsoe: $2,626,473

Grant Hill: $2,045,065

Willie Green: $1,399,507(Team Option)

So the total salary is: $46,685,095

The salary cap for the 2013/2014 season is $58,044,000 so that means the Clippers will have $11,358,905 in Salary Cap.

How much salary cap will the Clippers need to be able to sign both Dwight and CP3?

According to HoopsRumors, the max Dwight can make is 20,513,178 and Chris Paul can make 18,668,431. I am not exactly sure how the bird exception would work with CP3 and the Clippers, so I tried to look up how much the Clippers would need to sign both. After a long search I could not find anyone who has released an exact amount they would need so I am going to have to guess. According to SBNation, the Clippers would probably have to get rid of at least DeAndre and Caron Butler to have a chance at both. So how will they do this?

Step 1:

Grant Hill plans on retiring so that should free up that 2,045,065 million they owe him next year and reduce the total salary from $46,685,095 to $44,640,030

Step 2:

Now this is the big step is trades. The Clippers would have to get rid of DeAndre Jordan and Caron Butler. Caron Butler will be an expiring deal so I don’t think he will be that hard to move. DeAndre might be a little bit more difficult to move since he did not improve that much this past season and will have two years and around 22 million left on his deal, but he is still a very exciting player that can get people in their seats, plus two years is not that long of a deal. The Clippers are going to have to target teams that will have a lot of salary cap, and the teams that have large cap room in the 2013/2014 season are:

1. Philadelphia 46,193,356

2. San Antonio 41,831,628

3. Dallas 48,489,849

4. Minnesota 47,136,582

5. Cleveland 32,594,120

6. Detroit  35,172,720

7. Atlanta  18,483,800

8. Indiana 48,998,027

9. Utah 25,696,809

10. New Orleans 34,957,332

11. Milwaukee 40,581,659

12. Charlotte 40,420,327

13. Sacramento 40,707,644

14. Houston 38,063,852

The teams most likely to take on Caron and/or DeAndre are ones who would have a large interest in Eric Bledsoe too.

I think we can eliminate all the teams on that list who already have a clear PG for the future.

That cuts out Philadelphia, San Antonio, Minnesota, Cleveland, and Detroit.

1. Dallas

2. Atlanta

3. Indiana

4. Utah

5. New Orleans

6. Milwaukee

7. Charlotte

8. Sacramento

9. Houston

Now I think the teams that would have the greatest interest are rebuilding teams, so lets get rid of Dallas (who seems to be trying to make one more run with Dirk), Indiana (who had an amazing season this year), and Houston (On the rise team and I just don’t see them making this trade).

Who is left now?

1. Atlanta

2. Utah

3. New Orleans

4. Milwaukee

5. Charlotte

6. Sacramento

So if the Clippers unload Bledose, DeAndre, and Caron in some combination to these teams (which I do think is very possible) then I they will be able to sign Dwight Howard and CP3.

Would Dwight take the one less year though?

I doubt he would love the idea of leaving 30 million on the table with the Lakers, but I think Dwight would fit into the culture of the Clippers more than the Lakers. They seem to be an easier going and fun team plus he would have a better chance to win a championship along side CP3 and Blake Griffin.

Along with that would the Clippers even want to make this move?

When I started writing this story I thought it would be a great move for the Clippers, but the more I think about it the less I like it for them. First of all, how do we value Dwight Howard after that season with the Lakers? I personally would be very scared to sign Dwight to that much money after what he did last season. Also, is Dwight Howard a good fit with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin? I personally think CP3 works better with at least one post player who can stretch the floor and open up the paint (like David West back when he was on New Orleans). Lastly, the free throw shooting of DeAndre Jordan was one of his major drawbacks, and Dwight Howard does not seem to be much of an improvement in that aspect of his game.


I believe if the Clippers really want to they could free up the cap room to sign CP3 and Dwight, but the major things holding this back are if Dwight would accept the one less year and around 30 million dollars less, and if the Clippers (and CP3 since he can basically pick what he wants the Clippers to do this offseason) are willing to invest that much in Dwight. Clearly the Clippers need to make a move this offseason and probably some big ones, so do you guys think this would be a good move for them? Please leave your thoughts and maybe some other ideas for moves the Clippers could make this offseason in the comments and lets discuss!


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My name is Ben Noah, I go to the University of Oregon and clearly love sports. I follow everything from football to golf to boxing, but my favorite has to be basketball. I am working on putting together a preview for every NBA team for next season that will start being released soon after the Finals. I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to your feedback.

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    No way that Dwight goes to the Clippers. More likely CP3 goes to the Lakers. Donald Sterling doesn’t like to spend big money for long term commitment. Not a bad decision given Dwight’s questionable future.

    • avatar

      Ben Noah

      I think Sterling has become more open to spending money as seen by how much he spent on the practice facility and now looking to sign CP3 long term along with Blake. The only way the Lakers could get CP3 is if they amnesty Kobe I think. That would be another fun article to write to see if the Lakers have a chance to get CP3. Yet back to this senario, I think the power is in Dwight’s hands and I doubt he is going to leave the extra year and 30 mil on the table after how bad his season was last year.

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        ya thats why Sterling cut loose his GM that built the current team. GMs contract was up and sterling didnt want to pay him anymore once he did his job. if they would have kept him the clippers would have probably made a trade before the deadline. once they get CP3 to sign long term i see the clippers milking him with a cheep roster. the are going to use CP3 as a GM/player/coach to make CP3 think he has control of the team but secretly doing it just to keep him and not pay anymore to management and roster. clippers have bad karma, owner has to go.

        • avatar

          Ben Noah

          Agree 100% about sterling. He is always looking to pay people the least amount of money he can. I think though that sterling is a business man first and he sees that if he can milk this CP3 and Blake Griffin tandem into a championship contender then he will make A LOT of money.Clearly though I think I can speak for all Clipper fans in saying we are all waiting for a new owner.

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    Impossible for the Lakers to get CP3. They have the highest payroll in the NBA and in NBA history. You obviously have no idea about how the front office management works when it comes too basketball operations

    • avatar

      Ben Noah

      If they amnesty Kobe they go from 78 million to 48 million which they could then make some other moves to try to create enough cap to get CP3. It would be very difficult, but It is possible.

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    Hey Ben,

    Great thoughtful analysis.

    Today on HoopsHype they say Clippers have no interest in Dwight.

    I don’t think he fits either. They need a 5 with a good midrange jumper.

    Al Jefferson would be an intriguing possibility, don’t you think? And Utah need a PG.

    • avatar

      Ben Noah

      Just found what you were talking about and I find that really interesting! (For others here is the link: http://sulia.com/channel/atlanta-hawks/f/0e191db8-f3bd-4845-be91-9b3b5ecb0ea9/?source=twitter)
      I just hope they do not consider DeAndre as part of this nucleus because I am getting tired of his lack of development as a player. I think Al Jefferson would be a GREAT addition. I think he can run pick and roll with CP3 and has a good enough jumper to open up the floor for Chris. Utah also seems to really like Bledsoe and was trying to get him at the deadline this year. Thanks for reading my article and would love to keep talking Clippers basketball with you! Maybe when I’m in town next year we can go to a game together.

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    Dwight should go to Houston. Young and fun team , just what he is looking for. And not a major media market to be constantly critisizing him. He had a lifetime’s worth this year on the Lakers. As far as the Lakers are concerned, Dwight would probably pay money not to have to play with Kobe again. that would be a bold statement by Dwight — and call out what everyone knows.

    Most important,as a business minor would know, Dwight will make more money after tax signing with Houston as Texas doesnt have state tax. Worth about $10mm on his new contract. Take that to the bank!!!

    • avatar

      Ben Noah

      Wow I didn’t even think about the lack of sales tax in Houston. That is a great point and I think that Houston is a great fit for Dwight. If I was Dwight I would be thinking about 4 teams:
      1. Lakers
      take the most money you can get and helps against his reputation as a quitter
      2. Houston
      as you said no sales tax plus good young core and not nearly the pressure of being a laker
      3. Mavericks
      never doubt cuban. Make one last run with dirk and dwight and then let cuban work his magic and spend his money to build a new team around dwight. (also rumors that they could get dwight and cp3)
      4. Atlanta
      team up with CP3 and Al Horford and build a core around those 3 players
      If I was Dwight I would try to get CP3 to team up in Atlanta or Dallas first. If that falls through I think Houston is the next best option. Lastly, if he just wants to play it safe, which I think he will, just stay with the Lakers

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