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Fantasy Analysis On Gausman, Heyward, Davis

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Kevin Gausman arrived to “the show” with a lot of hype and failed to deliver during his first two starts. Owners kicked him to the curb, narrowly missing out on his first fine performance against the Tigers. So what can we make of the talented rookie going forward?

The kid only has three major league starts and 61 innings in the minors (none above AAA), not much data to draw strong conclusions from yet. Nonetheless he’s here, so we have to go on what we have. What we do have is exactly what the scouting reports gushed about. A fastball that sits in the mid 90’s and tops out at 99 mph. Strong command over all of his pitches, pounding the strike zone and getting ahead in the count. You would think that was a perfect recipe for success!

Unfortunately Gausman has been pretty predictable with his pitch selection. He throws the heat over 70% of the time, big league hitters (in the AL East mind you), aren’t going to be fooled by that. As funny as this may sound, he throws too many strikes. He won’t be able to keep batters guessing if he doesn’t learn the nuances of pitching. It’s ok to “waste” a pitch now and then. This was something he improved on against Detroit.

Overall you have to think with his skillset that the sky is the limit. He took a step forward recently and you hope he builds on that. He’s not a must-start every time he takes the hill just yet, but continue to play him in favorable matchups until he proves himself.

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Jason Heyward has been one of the biggest draft busts so far this season, but there are plenty of reasons to believe he’s going to turn things around. He’s walking at a higher clip over his previous two seasons and striking out at the lowest rate of his career. Nothing in his batted ball distribution and distance looks worrisome.

Heyward dealt with an appendix issue earlier in the season, which may have contributed to his slow start and thrown off his timing upon his return. He has now recorded three consecutive multi-hit games, so he may have finally turned a corner. It’s easy to forget that he’s still only 23-years old, he’s going to run hot and cold at times. As the weather heats up it’s likely his bat will as well, as he returns to a similar pace he posted last season.

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I would have told you to sell high on Chris Davis a month ago. I would have said he may be walking more but that won’t last, he’s cutting down on the strikeouts but those will come back, etc. As it turns out he appears to have sustained the gains that have turned his career around. A new plate approach has him swinging at fewer pitches out of the zone, and using the entire field to collect hits. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Davis flirt with .300 the rest of the way and smack another 20-25 HR. He’s unstoppable at the moment.


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