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Video Of The Week- Pickup Basketball Stereotypes

Sports Fans,

Dude Perfect has been providing us with amazing videos of crazy basketball shots for four years now, but this video is very different than anything they have done so far.

In this video they talk about the many stereotypes when playing pickup basketball and it’s pretty spot-on. I showed this video to all my friends and we assigned each other to stereotypes from the video. According to all my friends, I am a “player-coach” because I am constantly trying to run crazy plays.

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Which stereotype do you think you are when playing? Leave a comment with your response.


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My name is Ben Noah, I go to the University of Oregon and clearly love sports. I follow everything from football to golf to boxing, but my favorite has to be basketball. I am working on putting together a preview for every NBA team for next season that will start being released soon after the Finals. I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to your feedback.

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