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SI Twitter 100 Snubs

On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated released its third annual Twitter 100, a list of the top sports accounts on Twitter that are not related to SI. The list included players, teams, analysts, a sports law professor and more.

Of course, there are a lot more than 100 terrific Twitter accounts in the world of sports, and thus, a lot of great accounts did not make the cut. Here are the best accounts that did not make it, in alphabetical order.

Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews): I’m surprised Andrews, FOX Sports’ popular broadcaster, did not make the Twitter 100. She takes her nearly two million followers behind the scenes of FOX features, while also constantly interacting with them.

Sean Doolittle (@whatwouldDOOdo): Doolittle, an A’s middle reliever, could be the next Brandon McCarthy when it comes to MLB players on Twitter. Like McCarthy, no issue is off limits with him. For example, after his teammate Yoenis Cespedes won the home run derby in July, he tweeted at ESPN and said that this was the most ESPN coverage the A’s have gotten in years. He also (like McCarthy) posts many hilarious and self-deprecating tweets, including comparing Mariano Rivera’s 638 saves to a tweet he wrote that got 638 retweets. He truly has something for everyone.

Rich Eisen (@richeisen): NFL Network’s Eisen does a great job every Sunday in keeping his followers up to date on everything going on around the NFL. In addition to NFL analysis, Eisen does a good job responding to fans, and is often heavy on Seinfeld references- a definite plus in my eyes.

Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones): Jones, the co-host of Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable and regular guest on Around the Horn, is one of ESPN’s best young personalities and one of the best tweeters around. He is never afraid to speak his mind, and yet he comes off as more genuine than some of the network’s other personalities. On Wednesday, he had a debate on Twitter with Doug Gottlieb on whether NCAA players should get paid, displaying a strong argument throughout. While Gottlieb did not agree with him and the fighting got intense at times, Jones said that he had nothing personal against Gottlieb, preventing long-term ill will. Jones has earned his four-year contract extension.

Sean Keeley (@NunesMagician): I tried not to include local “beat writers”, but Keeley has done such a great job in building a large online community of Syracuse fans. Through a combination of serious and funny tweets, Keeley’s timeline keeps people up to date with all things Syracuse, and allows people to experience all the ups and downs of being a fan of the Orange.

Los Angeles Kings (@LAKings): While many sports teams try to stay politically correct, the Kings’ account does not. For instance, after a win against the Vancouver Canucks in the 2012 playoffs, the account tweeted: “To everyone outside of BC you’re welcome.” The Kings ended up winning the Stanley Cup that season, and their tweets continued to entertain. The Kings did not get as lucky in the 2012-13 season, losing to the Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals in five games. After the final game ended, they tweeted at the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Eastern Conference Finals losers, and asked if they wanted to grab a drink. While their tweets sometimes cross the line, this account is run by some of the most creative tweeters around.

Randall Liu (@RLiuNFL): Liu, the NFC’s assistant director of communications, is a great account to follow if you’re into football trivia.

Zach Lowe (@ZachLowe_NBA): SI did a good job of recognizing most of the great NBA writers, but Lowe, Grantland’s basketball guru, did not make the cut. Like Eisen, Lowe does a good job combining a keen understanding of the sport, live updates, interactions with followers and interesting personal tweets.

Matt Miller (@nfldraftscout): There are so many NFL reporters who could’ve made this list, but I went with Bleacher Report’s Miller. Miller is one of the best up-and-coming football writers around. As his Twitter handle would suggest, he does a great job of scouting potential NFL Draft prospects, and even better, he owns up to his incorrect predictions. He conducts himself with the utmost professionalism, and is helping Bleacher Report become a better-respected site in the sports world.

MLB (@MLB): Some people find MLB’s tweets childish, but I really enjoy the account. I appreciate the constant updates and the obvious excitement displayed in the tweets.

NFL Fantasy Football (@NFLFantasy): This is a must-follow for all fantasy football players. NFL Fantasy Football informs followers almost every time there is a score or a big play, which means you don’t have to watch five games at once to track your fantasy team.

Sports on Earth (@SportsOnEarth): Sports on Earth, a joint venture between MLB Advanced Media and USA Today Sports, is quickly becoming one of my go-to sites for sports information. With great writers spanning nearly every sport (not just baseball) and a terrific daily podcast led by Will Leitch, this Twitter feed and website will soon be on more sports fan’s radars.

And of course, there are the many parody accounts, such as @NotBillWalton, @FauxJohnMadden, @EvilMikeTomlin, @PeytonsHead, @TomBradysEgo and my personal favorite @OldHossRadbourn. These accounts all do a terrific job in providing humor that is not always present in real people’s accounts. In particular, the Old Hoss Radbourn account hilariously portrays what a player from the 19th century would think about today’s MLB, a perspective not seen anywhere else.

Did I miss anyone? Let me know in the comments.


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Ian Hollenberg knows almost too much about college basketball and NY sports. His favorite athlete as a kid was Ike Hilliard, and he still closely follows his coaching endeavors.

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    Erin Andrews didn’t make the list because she’s a lousy follow unless you care about what designer she wearing or what her boyfriend and the LA Kings are doing. When it comes to sports, she’s nothing but a retweeting machine.

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    Ian Hollenberg

    Does Erin Andrews have the most informative account in the sports world? No. Are some of her tweets extremely boring? Yes.
    But Andrews has one of the coolest jobs in the country, and seeing the behind the scenes of some of the stuff she does is interesting to me.

    Thanks for the read and comment.


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