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Tim Tebow Spells R.I.P.For The J-E-T’s Season

Trading for Tim Tebow was purely a football move…just like Kim Kardashian marrying Kris Humphries was purely for love. This is the notion that Jets brass has been trying to sell football fans for weeks, but no one’s buying it. What Gang Green fans are buying however, is a multitude of “15” jerseys and those hallowed PSL’s – which is exactly why this trade was made in the first place, despite whatever false promises come out of Woody Johnson’s mouth. Of course, if you’ve turned on ESPN in the past month or picked up any New York area newspaper, you already knew that. What you probably don’t know is that Tim Tebow, to no fault of his own, will undoubtedly tear apart the Jets locker room, aid in destroying their season, and have Rex Ryan, Mike Tannenbaum and Mark Sanchez all looking for new jobs next year. But before I condemn Tebow to football hell, let me explain my rationale.

As much as I’ve grown weary of Tebow’s post-game speeches crediting Jesus for his unfathomable comebacks, and as much as I think my 16 year-old sister could throw a better spiral than him, I have the utmost respect for Tim as a competitor, leader, and a winner. The numerous feats he was able to pull off in the 4th quarter of games last year were remarkable and deserve nothing but the highest praise. They had this skeptic reconsidering if God actually existed, because clearly those miracles could not have happened without some help from the big guy upstairs. But what got routinely dismissed during Tebow’s improbable winning streak was the fabulous play of his teammates and supporting cast. Without Denver’s stingy defense holding opponents to an average of 16.7 points in Broncos wins during that stretch of games, Tim would have never stood a chance. If not for the superb play from his offensive line and the re-emergence of Willis McGahee as a marquee running back, “Tebow-mania” would have never existed. However, I need to give credit where credit is due, and Tebow made all the right plays when it really counted.  The question remains, does he have what it takes to get the job done in New York, a city that devours mediocre athletes and routinely sends them home, crying to their mothers? Speaking of mediocre…

In Mark Sanchez, the Jets have an immature, yet talented quarterback who has serious confidence issues and the mental toughness of a chihuahua, as Ken O’Brien so eloquently stated. So their genius solution to this problem is bringing in Tebow, arguably the most popular and polarizing figure in the NFL, to “back up” Sanchez? And they do this in New York, the biggest media market in America, a city where losing is never tolerated? A town filled with bitter fans who were calling for Sanchez’ head long before the “second coming of Christ arrived”? Ignorant Jets fans will be chanting “Te-bow! Te-bow!” after Mark throws his first incompletion, let alone has one of his patented three-interception games. You don’t think that players in the Jets locker room will be thinking twice about who should really be leading Gang Green into battle after a few losses? The same locker room that completely fell apart last season, in a very public manner, and a locker room that has not-so-quietly questioned whether Sanchez has what it takes to get it done in the NFL. Can someone please explain to me how this makes any logical sense?! No one can deny that Sanchez needed to be pushed from a competitive standpoint and the Jets had to end the coddling of their “franchise” quarterback. But bringing in Tebow was the worst possible “fix” for this problem. Does anyone remember the last time creating a quarterback controversy was a successful strategy for a team with serious chemistry and leadership issues?

The entire Jets organization has been equivalent to a three-ring circus ever since Rex Ryan stepped “foot” in New York, and by bringing in Tebow they only added to the hysteria. Way back when they were actually winning games and making appearances in the AFC championship, they resembled a well-respected team on the field, even if their head coach constantly ran his mouth off the field. And the only thing bigger then Rex Ryan’s mouth is his appetite. But after last season’s abysmal finish, I do not recognize this team at all. With all the drama between diva wide receiver Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez, and the ensuing fallout in the Jets locker room, they have become worse reality television then “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. (Alright, that’s two Kardashian references in my first article, I should be castrated and stripped of my manhood.)

When the Jets made the move for Tebow, it confirmed to me that their organization was more concerned with selling tickets and making headlines than winning football games. It was also a sad, pathetic attempt to “steal the Giants thunder” and wipe them off the back page of the NY papers, something that Woody and Co. have been determined to do for years now.  They have yet to realize that this is simply impossible to do because the Giants have won another Super Bowl, while the Jets have won jack shit for the past 40+ years. It deeply pains me to write all this as a die-hard Jets fan, but the truth hurts. I would love nothing more than seeing Tebow and Sanchez coexist and thrive together, having the locker room come together and Rex lead the team to victory. I just do not see it happening. Maybe all these years of misery and disappointment have left me a bitter pessimist who’s become incapable of seeing the positives in anything the Jets do. Or maybe they’re just the Same Old Jets, who continue to make incomprehensible moves that will ultimately sabotage their team and continue the heartbreak for many years to come.


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Kevin Sgambati attends Syracuse University and proudly reps his home state New Jersey. He happens to be the biggest die-hard Jets fan you will ever meet...so please send him your deepest sympathies.

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