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What Exactly Is Wrong With Tiger Woods?

When people think of Tiger Woods, they usually think of his 14 major championships, putting on that legendary green jacket, and sinking forty-foot putts as if they were only five feet.  What people most certainly do not think about is Tiger missing cuts in tournaments that should not be an issue at all.  I ask you, what exactly is wrong with Tiger Woods right now?  What can we blame his inconsistency on?  Is it all the pressure of the golf world for him to win tournaments?  Is it the added stress he has ever since he slipped up?  Whatever it is, Tiger needs to figure out these problems of his, and quickly at that.

Being an avid Tiger Woods follower, I have been through thick and thin dealing with the commotion that is Tiger’s life.  Throughout my life I have witnessed Tiger’s amazing comebacks at Augusta and his numerous 300 plus yard drives as well as countless chip-ins that would be nearly impossible for the average golfer to imitate.  I have witnessed thousands of fans cheering him on, and Tiger not failing to perform well with everybody watching his every swing.  However, I then saw and had to deal with the downfall and demise of Woods, in such a way that he would never be looked at the same again.  Talk about a curveball…  Who ever expected anything like that to happen to the world’s most popular golfer?  I mean, sleeping with tons of other women when the wife you have is already a dime piece?  Come on Tiger, you had to be smarter then that…  Still, I tune into every golf tournament on the television that Tiger is a part of as if nothing ever happened, and I always expect him to make the cut, and perform well, not to miss it.

That is exactly what happened to Tiger at the Wells Fargo Championship on Friday, May 4th.  Tiger missed the cut.  While it wasn’t completely shocking, being as he missed the cut in this tournament last time he was in it, this was still only the eighth time in 267 PGA tournaments in which he failed to beat the cut.  Failing to beat a -1 cut for a professional golfer is like missing a layup for an NBA player.  I can only imagine how disappointed Tiger was, being as I was pretty embarrassed for him myself.  Many people, including Tiger, blame his mediocre play on his ever-changing golf swing, yet I do not take that as a valid excuse for someone such as Woods.  I believe that the pressure is far too great for Woods, and that he does not know how to deal with it or what to do when all eyes are on him now.  Hopefully Tiger can figure something out, because if not, I might have to start watching more of other golf players who can actually make it to the Saturday and Sunday of golf tournaments.  My prayers go out to him to start performing better, as well as to whoever can possibly fix his “terrible” swing; the swing that made Tiger the person he is today.


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    Reg Smith

    There is nothing wrong with Tiger. He has simply lost interet in a game to which he gave so much and which also took so much from him. All of those who turned on him after his self inflicted wounds and those who need him because even in his wounded state he is still TIGER. And those in golf know it. You won’t watch those other golfers as you say. You will simply change the channel, watch another program beacuse like for so many others golf without Tiger is very bland. . And that is why we can’t leave him alone. Even on his worse day he is a better story than most on thier best days. Why because he is GOLF. He made it that way and we went along. He brought back the days of Arnie and Jack and Lee as no other golfer has.and then addded more. The game itself had to be changed to accommodate Tiger. From the way courses were set up to the club and the ball used to play golf. Everything had to be changed to accommodate what he brought. If not he by now would own a hundred majors and there would be no sense in keeping records because his would never be broken. So has he let down. He probably has. The balls played today are designed for today’s players. You can’t make it dance. Everyone can hit it 300 yeards or more and the new swings built on Tigers original swing is in every body’s game. Sold by the Butch Harmons of the world. Tiger has made a lot of money but he has also been exploited by the game and those around it from teachers to writers and yes even us the fans. Will the old Tiger return to us? Probably not. I’m looking for the new Tiger lurking in there. And I fully expect to see him roar sooner or later. He has many years left and I’ll cut him some slack whenever he needs… it because he has earned it. And so should you..

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    Erick Stone

    Prevoius to present time there was no other golfer better than Tiger Woods. Now Tiger’s mental approach to the game is the same as all of us hackers that have struggled for years with the mental part. The average golfer can overcome the thinking part with help from friends and golf coaches. Tiger must personally change to a more open and a more considerate individual.Once Tiger realizes that he has deamons just like us mere mortals, he will again take charge and dominate.

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    John Doherty

    I am a former PGA Tour player (but never in the league of Tiger, I was a rabbit) his problem has nothing to do with his women problem. I can tell you from the very early 60′s there are hundreds of women, and many wealthy older men with Trophy wives that offer to keep your bed warm at night to help you relax.

    I traveled with Doug Sanders for a year and he had more women in one week than Tiger had in all his trouble time. Even when Doug’s wife was with him, he would come to me to borrow my room key with 1 or 2 knockouts on his arm.

    Tiger’s problem is one thing and one thing only, he drops his head when he starts his transition at the top of his backswing. If you draw a plane line horizontal through your adams apple and that plane line runs accross your shoulders at the 2 ends of this line your arms attach. Now if you take the measurement from your adams apple to the ball it will equal the same as the combination of the length of your arm, and the length of the shaft. If your sleeve length is 35″ and you have a 45″ shaft, the total distance is 80″. That will be the fixed distance from your adams apple (head) to the ball, if you start your transition from the top of your backswing by dropping your body then you only have 75″ of distance but the shaft does not change it is still 45″ and your arm is still 35″ so you are going to be 5″ too long. There is only two ways to fix this, 1 is to bend you left arm to shorten that 35″ or to raise back up to get back the 5″. Both of these are very difficult to coordinate, if you bend your left arm through the hitting area you will hit a weak shot and probably to the right, now comes the hard part getting your head back to the right distance to the ball, usually that will make you come too much from the inside and you will hook the ball.

    All of this can be fixed, I wish I had 30 minutes with Tiger on the range (he lives only about 30 miles from me) if not he should look at the swing of Sam Snead that is the swing that Tiger wants to get back to the old Tiger.

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    Sorry, but as an ex-Bay Area resident who got to hear about the doping scandal from folks who actually worked with employees at the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO), I got the inside scoop on the Tiger cocktails.

    He was the wealthiest athlete possibly of all of Dr. Galea’s clients, so he was never going to be challenged about his performance enhancing drug treatments (many of which have an interesting side effect of also increasing libido BTW), so avid golf fans can continue to delude themselves that his game is just slipping, rather than that the mastermind of his treatment plan can no longer enter the US without the express permission of the Dept of Homeland Security.

    Oh well Tiger, it was good while it lasted!

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    I’ll tell you what is wrong with Tiger.
    That f**ked up swing coach of his….that little midget Shawn Foley.
    The same Shawn Foley that probably has never shot better than a 90…..in his entire life.
    The same guy who walks around the golf course with a video camera…and call himself a ‘swing coach’.
    THAT….Shawn Foley.
    He’s got Tiger’s head so messed up ….he doesn’t know which end is up.
    If Tiger would just swallow his PRIDE….he needs to go back with Butch Harmon…and…Hank Haney.
    They both would gladly take Tiger back….if he could humble himself….and admit he made a mistake.
    That is the answer for Tiger.

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    The hardest shot is the “Six inch Battle” between Tiger’s ears. He needs to get rid of the extra baggage and mentally go back to when it was just him and his dad and that little white ball. Good lord, there are days I think I could beat Tiger —and I’m an 18 handicap.
    He’s got a serious case of the yipes. Take a page out of Tin Cup. Break all your clubs but your 7 iron and then go out and play golf. Play golf. It’s just a game. And remember it’s a game that cannot be won. So play like you enjoy it. Think about good Karma. Throw a rubber snake at somebody.
    But, please stop doing whatever it is you are doing now. And you don’t look like you are having a bit of fun. Come play 18 with me and my buddies. We’ll fix that mental game for you. See you on No. 1 tee.

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    Yes its that swing coach. What is Tiger’s problem. He has never had problems firing people before, even a long time loyal caddy, so why can’t he get rid of this guy?


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