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Top 9 Most Hated Backyard Baseball Characters

If you’re reading this article and thinking, “How could this awful person hate all these cute Backyard Baseball characters…they’re not even real!”. Well for starters you clearly don’t love Backyard Baseball as much as I do and on top of that you have an awful judgement of character because some of these players were created so you could hate them.

9) Annie Fraizer- When I was young it was hard enough for me to draft a girl, especially one with a rainbow on her shirt (which only had three colors in it by the way). When I didn’t draft Annie, she always made me pay for it, at a point I despised pitching to her.

8) Dimitri Petrovich- Don’t get me wrong he was my favorite in Backyard Football, but in Backyard Baseball he was condescending and should have been more powerful. I don’t think his glasses were thick enough for him to see the ball.

7) Ronny Dobbs- His swing was so annoying, and he wore a bright yellow shirt with pink shorts and a green hat (which did not fit him at all).

6) Sally Dobbs- The only thing worse than Ronny was his sister Sally. Her voice was awful. I always tried to score 100 runs when she was on the mound.

 5) Maria Luna- It’s a joke that she did better if she was on a team with the color pink. She was also another voice that was tough on the ears.

4) Kimmy Eckman- Ugh this girl sucks. She loves candy and can’t run to save her life.

3) Dante Robinson- His voice was painful, he couldn’t hit, and he wore an unnecessary small hat on top of his afro.

 2) Jorge Garcia- There’s no way anybody ever picked this kid unless they shared the same birthday on October 7th. He was not talented at anything and was simply just a filler. For somebody so tall you would think he could at least be a solid pitcher. He had the worst swing in all of Backyard Baseball and his mom should be put in jail for entering him in the league.

1) Reese Worthington- I hated Reese Wothington more than anybody. He had an awful side part with some ugly hat and there was just something about him that made him a little bitch. It’s hard to explain but I think Youtube user Hmin301 said it best, “I hate this little impish, malignant, disingenuous little prick”. I’m going to make a bold prediction here and say that Reese’s parents are divorced and he’s the reason why.


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