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The 3 Players That Did Not Belong In Backyard Baseball 2001

 In “Backyard Baseball 2001”, creators Humongous Entertainment brilliantly “sold out” and integrated 31 major league baseball players into the computer game (one from every team, two from the Reds). Essentially everybody’s favorite player made it into the game; fan favorites like Derek Jeter, Tony Gwynn, Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi, Chipper Jones, and even Big Mo Vaughn. It was great that Pete Wheeler, Pablo Sanchez, and Keisha Phillips could finally play with and against the best, it was a dream come true. But then again out of the 31 MLB players, 3 of them did not belong, and quite frankly their presence was annoying.

(Note game was released in 2000, players were chosen from 1999 teams)

Marty Cordova (OF, DH Minnesota Twins)

Now I understand that BYB has to take a player from every team, but there were a few teams that were absolutely horrific, including the 1999 Minnesota Twins (they went 63-97). Simply Marty Cordova did not deserve to be in the game for multiple reasons, and it really grinds my gears.

1)   By the time the game came out in 2000 he wasn’t even on the Twins, he was on the Blue Jays.

2)   He was their best player and he didn’t even hit .300 and only had 70 RBI’s.

3)   His name is Marty.

Unfortunately for BYB, the next best player on the Twins was either Corey Koskie or Brad Radke. They had no choice but to give the undeserving Marty Cordova a chance to play at Steele Field (that’s the park with the shed).

Alex Gonzalez (SS, Florida Marlins)

This is quite ridiculous, why would anybody draft Alex Gonzalez over Nomar Garciaparra, Derek Jeter, or Barry Larkin.  In ’99 this guy hit 14 homeruns, and only had 59 RBI’s and a .277 batting average…that’s worse than Marty “Frickin’” Cordova! In the 2000 season, the same time the game came out mind you, he was irrelevant and batting under .250.

I’d almost rather draft Reese Worthington over this scrub.

They should have taken Preston Wilson instead, who led the team in homeruns with 26. And in 2000 the outfielder hit 31 homeruns with 121 RBI’s….

Jason Kendall (C, Pittsburgh Pirates)

Now it’s hard to argue that Kendall was not deserving of BYB in the ’99 season.  In just 79 games the contact hitter respectfully hit .332 and snagged 22 bases. Jason Kendall I applaud you and your great shortened season.

BYB I wag the finger at you.

First off, you already have two great catchers in Mike Piazza and Ivan Rodriguez making Jason Kendall disposable. Us users are not trying to get singles, we’re trying to hit bombs.

You know who hit bombs on the Pittsburgh Pirates in ‘99? Brian Giles. This beast hit 33 doubles, 39 homeruns, 115 RBI’s, and all with a .315 BA. He puts Jason Kendall to shame. Brian Giles was robbed.



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