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Random Athlete Of The Day- Tyrone Nesby

Former NBA Small Forward Tyrone Nesby is from Cairo, Illinois. Cairo is a city that stayed financially stable after the Civil War due to their increase of steamboat traffic as a significant port. Regardless…Nesby attended Cairo High School, and was able to earn a spot on the UNLV basketball squad.

Nesby was a shooting machine his two years at UNLV, averaging 16.2 ppg while somehow shooting under 40FG%.  As a freshman, Nesby made a name for himself averaging 16.5 ppg and 7.1 rpg.  In his sophomore season, Nesby still had the green light, and consistently shot way too much with a 38.5 FG%. Nesby had 11 games of 20 points or more with a season high of 25 (which he reached 3 three times). Although Tyrone wasn’t very accurate at UNLV, after two solid years the 6-6 225 pound SF declared for the NBA Draft.

In the weak 1998 NBA Draft Tyrone Nesby went undrafted, and was forced to a plan B with the Sioux Falls Skyforce in the CBA; luckily the 9-41 Los Angeles Clippers signed and rescued him later in the season. Nesby played in 50 games, starting in 36 of them averaging 10.1 ppg while shooting a career high 44.9% from the field. Nesby also averaged a career-high 2.9 personal fouls per game.  The next season Nesby’s field goal percentage decreased to 39.8%, but he still managed to average 13.3 ppg (career-high).

The next year Nesby was arguably a part of one of the best trades of all-time.

Tyrone Nesby was traded to the Washington Wizards for Obinna Ekezie and Cherokee Parks (http://www.takingbadschotz.com/?p=1731).

It doesn’t get much better than that. That season with Washington, Tyrone shot 29% from behind the arc, 36.6% in front of the arc, and miraculously finished with 8.4 ppg. His last season in the NBA, at the ripe age of 26, Nesby was fortunate enough to play alongside Michael Jordan. MJ averaged 22.9 ppg with a 41.6 FG%, and Nesby averaged 6.3 ppg with a 43.5FG%. Now the transitive property poses the question, is Tyrone Nesby a better shooter than the great Michael Jordan? The obvious answer is, yes.

After the league, Nesby went overseas to Europe to play for Olympia Larissa, Metis Varese, Reflex, Lietuvos Rytas, and the ABA’s very own Las Vegas Venom.

Tyrone Nesby was requested to be RAOTD by Brad Gelfand.


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