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Video Of The Week- NHL’s Best Hits Of 2011-12

After an incredible postseason with (relatively) high television ratings, capped by a miraculous run by the Los Angeles Kings, things have taken a turn for the worst in the NHL. After signing a $2 billion deal with NBC last offseason, it appeared as if hockey might actually live up to it’s title of being one of the four “major” sports.

However, for the second time in less than ten years, the owners and players cannot seem to agree on vital issues such as a salary cap and the splitting of revenue.

For most of the world, the looming hockey lockout will not cause as much stress as the recent NBA and NFL lockouts did, but it will be causing more damage than people think.

Yes, cities like Detroit, Pittsburgh, and all of Canada will be prepared to fully support their team when play eventually resumes, but what about some of the struggling franchises? Hockey is at its highest point in the southwestern part of the country, a market that the NHL has never been able to successfully reach, and one of the largest markets at that. With the recent success of the Kings, the emergence of Ducks superstar Bobby Ryan, and a resilient Phoenix Coyote team fighting to not be relocated, hockey is finally reaching the sunny territory that it so desperately needed.

With the NHL season in serious jeopardy, these southwestern fans may lose the interest that has been slowly building for the last few years. In cities like Los Angeles, the next “big thing” is always what has the highest demand. For example, people were losing their minds when the Kings somehow won the Stanley Cup. As a result, the other franchises in the area stepped up their game in order to become thee hottest ticket in town. The Dodgers brought in a lot of salary and big name players, the Lakers FINALLY traded for Dwight Howard, and the Clippers extended Blake Griffin’s contract and brought in a supporting cast that gives them a legitimate shot at the NBA title.

If the NHL season does not go according to schedule, expect many of the new Kings fans to lose interest and go back to the endless amount of substitutes for hockey.

This leads us to this week’s Taking Bad Schotz Video of the Week. Personally, I do not think the NHL season will happen, and as a result I will be playing a lot of NHL ’13 and watching replays of my Kings making their Stanley Cup run. I understand this doesn’t necessarily interest the rest of you, so take a look at the best hits and fights from the 2011-2012 NHL season. When you’re sitting at home this Fall not watching hockey, just remember that it is the only major sport that disciplines all out brawls by putting two men in separate boxes for just five minutes.

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