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NL Wild Card Race

With eight games left in the regular season, one of the most interesting races left in baseball is the National league wild card race.  It appears as though the Cardinals would have it locked up as they lead both the Brewers and the Dodgers by four and a half games, but crazier things have happened in baseball, just ask last year’s Red Sox.  Here is what needs to happen for the following teams to make the playoffs.


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The key for the Cardinals is to not collapse.  Mathematically, they would have to lose four of their last seven games to give either the Dodgers or the Brewers a chance to tie them.  Although their last two series are against very good opponents in the Nationals and the Reds, if they can just win half of those games, they would be in great shape for the playoffs.  On top of all that the Cardinals have won eight of their last ten games and appear to be playing their best baseball of the year.  Like I said earlier, all the Cardinals need to do is not collapse, and they will be playing in October.



Not only do the Dodgers have the best roster of the three teams in the wild card push, but they also have potentially the best roster in all of baseball….but they just aren’t winning.  Their powerful lineup has been just awful in the past month.  Matt Kemp has been dismal, Adrian Gonzalez has not been good at all since coming to the Dodgers, and Hanley Ramirez and Andre Ethier have been very up and down.  For the past three weeks Dodger fans have been saying how once the bats wake up that they are going to make a playoff push and be the best team in baseball… well three weeks later we are still waiting.  Yes, if the Dodgers can get hot in the last week of the year, they could win most of their games as they play two against the Padres, three against the Rockies, and three against the Giants, but why would one think they are all of a sudden going to get hot? But even if they win out then it still could be too late as they need a Cardinal collapse to even have a shot.  So for the Dodgers, they can almost start saying “There’s always next year”



The Brewers have been playing great ball lately and have won eight of their last ten games.  Unlike the Dodgers, the Milwaukee sluggers have been of fire lately and have gave everything they have to try and catch the Cardinals, but they too just might fall short.  The Brewers play two more against Cincinnati, three against Houston, and then they close with three against the Padres.  Even if the Brewers continue playing great ball it still might not be enough if the Cardinals don’t start to lose.  So for the Brewers, all they can do is keep playing well, and hope for the Cardinals to fall apart.  Even if the Brewers don’t make the playoffs, they should be happy with their effort they made down the stretch.


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