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Video Of The Week- Shaquille Johnson Dunk Mix

College basketball fans: the long, baseball filled break that separates March Madness and Midnight Madness is finally coming to an end. Starting next week, most major college basketball teams will begin their first team practices, competing and preparing in order to be ready for season tip off in early September.

This is the time when Dick Vitale will find his way back onto your TV screen, screaming about this year’s potential “diaper dandies” and BMOC (big men on campus). The “usually wrong” Final Four predicitions and preseason All-American teams will be released, and children, students, alumni, and basketball junkies will ready themselves for the roller coaster that is the college basketball season.

However, there is a player that will go under the radar of most people, but is definitely someone you do not want to miss.

Shaquille Johnson, a 3-star recruit out of Atlanta will be suiting up for the Auburn Tigers this year. Both 3-star recruits and Auburn basketball are usually not too exciting, but Johnson has potential to become a national favorite player.

The one thing that makes Shaquille Johnson so special is that he is already the best dunker in college basketball without ever playing a game. No, dunks do not result in wins, and I am not saying Auburn will magically jump into the top 25. A jump I can promise though will be Johnson over numerous defenseless opponents.

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    He’s Vince Carter all over again. Just think…he’s not even at his physical peak. His college dunks are going to be “amaze”!


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