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What’s Wrong With Matt Barkley And The Trojan Offense?

This was supposed to be a magical season for Matt Barkley. He was going to “finish his business” and not only win a national title but also win a Heisman trophy.  Now, five games into the USC season, all of those things seem very unlikely.  Yes, USC has lost a game, and Barkley has struggled at times, but it looks as if he could be turning it around.  This past Thursday night at Utah, Barkley threw 3 touchdowns as he looked like the Barkley of last year.  So far this season he has thrown 15 touchdowns, 1308 yards, and five interceptions.  Those are rather pedestrian numbers for someone who has aspirations of winning a national title and a Heisman trophy.  Yes, there is still plenty of time for USC to make this a magical season( last year at this time USC looked awful as a team and had just gotten killed by a bad Arizona State team), but the bigger issue right now is what is wrong with Matt Barkley.

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Matt Barkley is clearly a very good quarterback as he not only holds USC all-time records, but he also holds conference records.  But why the struggles this season?  There is just something missing in the USC passing game.   They have great wide receivers in Robert Woods and Marquise Lee, and they have great tight ends.  The problem in the passing game is not the players. .. It’s the person calling the plays.  I am a huge fan of Lane Kiffin and I think that he has done an unbelievable job with Barkley and the rest of the Trojans in the past, but it seems as if he is trying to get too creative and trying too many things.  When this passing game was soaring at the end of last season, they were taking shot after shot down field to their big play receivers.  Now, Kiffin is taking very few shots down the field and in my opinion, he is handcuffing what should be the most explosive offense in football.  All of that being said USC fans should take a deep breath and relax.   At this time last year Barkley and the offense looked pedestrian at best and looked like they were never going to take flight.  But then they did, and they took over college football for the last month of the season.  I don’t know when, but at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later for Trojan fans) Barkley and the offense will get going, and when they do the rest of the country better look out for USC once again.


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    You are correct in stating that Lane is the cause of the under-performed offense.
    It does not seem like Lane has any creativity or plays.
    So far the offense is throw sideway to Wood or Lee and run straight to the middle with Redd or McNeal.
    There is the only play, no half time adjustment or any adjustment at all.
    USC has talents but they do not progress or improve due to no coaching.
    Why are there so many freshman QB who over-achieve except USC?

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    You are absolutely RIGHT! Lane Kiffin is the problem. He always has been the problem even during his first 5 yeras with Pete Carrol. If you recall, before he took over the offense it was Norm Chow who came up with some brilliant offensive plays. This guy Kiffin is an idiot for play calling. After Norm Chow was forced out as the offense coord the Trojan offense began to wane and look mediocer and you started seeing a lot of suspect calls during crucial moments. I mean just take a look at Kiffin’s penchant for setting the offensive in a unorthodox formation for FGs and trying to score 2 pts. If you want to score 2 pts play it straight and head-on don’t pussy foot around the issue. Matt Barkley is a smart quarterback he knows who the problem is too…he said it himself during an interview after the Cal game, they need to score more points! It’s clear to me that Barkley knows what needs to be done. Unfortunately for USC Kiffin has never had a sharp offensive mind and Kiffin is going to be their weakest link.


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