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9 Games I’m looking forward To In The First Month Of The NFL Season (Pre-Draft)

1.    Baltimore Ravens @ Denver Broncos - Thursday, September 5, 8:30 p.m. [caption id="attachment_13550" align="aligncenter" width="610"] via celebritynetworth.com[/caption] In the opener of the regular season, the defending champion Baltimore Ravens will meet the Denver Broncos in a rematch of the AFC divisional matchup in the 2012 playoffs in which the Ravens stunned the Broncos in overtime with a game w ...

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What is the Super Bowl?

On its most basic level the Super Bowl is the championship game between the AFC and NFC. It is a game to decide the “World Champion” of football (or at least what Americans call football). I always like to put World Champion in quotes because it is interesting how the winner of a league that is in only the US can be considered the best team in the world. The Super Bowl started as simply a football game betw ...

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Super Bowl XLVII Preview

Super Bowl XLVII will be one of the most interesting Super Bowls since the Giants ended the Patriots’ hopes of becoming the second team in NFL history to go undefeated the entire way through. This will be a matchup of two very aggressive teams on both sides of the ball – not to mention that the two Head Coaches are brothers. The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers faced off in the 2011 season in what w ...

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Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings

With the draft in the books and free agency activity slowing, it’s finally time for the first edition of 2012 power rankings. In the parenthesis are my projected records for each time. 1. New York Giants (12-4) The Giants have been relatively quiet in free agency this year. I wasn’t a huge fan of their first round selection of David Wilson, but it wasn’t a horrible pick by any stretch either. Wilson will be ...

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Does Flacco Deserve Contract Extension?

2012 is the final year of Joe Flacco’s contract with the Ravens, and the early word out of Baltimore is that the two sides had a productive first meeting regarding a contract extension Saturday at the NFL combine. Naturally, neither Flacco nor the Ravens want this negotiation looming over their heads when the season begins in 2012. However, if I were a Ravens fan there is no way that I would be rooting for ...

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Why NFL Playoff Seeding Should Change

  The Pittsburgh Steelers are very likely to finish 12-4 this season and end up with the 5 seed in the AFC. What’s wrong with this picture? I know what you’re thinking. 12-4 seems like an awfully good record for a 5 seed. Since switching to the divisional format that was put in place before the 2002 season, the NFL has attempted to reward the division winners by guaranteeing them a top four seed in the ...

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Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Green Bay Packers (12-0)-The Packers survived what was probably there biggest scare of the season so far. The defense must start playing better come playoff time. Baltimore Ravens (9-3)-Ray Rice had a huge game in Cleveland, proving once again that the Ravens are a tough team to beat when he gets enough carries. Ricky Williams also had his best performance of the season, as the Ravens rushed for a whopping ...

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