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Top Point Guards Vol. 4

Finally, the last volume of the “Top Point Guards” series. Here are the top two point guards in the world... [caption id="attachment_15550" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: AP Photo[/caption] Tony Parker’s numbers aren’t really exceptional, but that doesn’t matter. His control of the Spurs offense is out of this world. We all saw his performance in the Finals, the game-winner in game one and t ...

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Why Don’t People Watch Baseball?

Major League Baseball is facing a major problem right now. This should be the time of the year that baseball is king. There is no football or basketball or even hockey going on right now. So what’s going on? Why is baseball not king of the sports world? Why are sports fans more interested in NBA free agency than MLB games? Part of this problem has to with the job David Stern and Roger Goodell have done with ...

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CP3 To New York Becoming More Of A Possibility

A few nights ago a trade rumor hit the air waves with the Knicks considering trading Tyson Chandler for Luke Ridnour, Derrick Williams, and the 26th pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. Now people look at this potential deal as a Knick fan and scratch their heads because Chandler is the heart and soul of this New York defense and is the leader, but it sets up an even bigger move. Chandler is owed a whopping $28 ...

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Re-judging Chris Paul

I’ve always thought Chris Paul is the ultimate package at the point guard position. He’s a competitor, has great basketball IQ, he gets his teammates involved, he can shoot, he’s crafty, he’s a terrific passer and a great leader. I never really had a problem with Paul being tabbed as the “best point guard in the NBA.” But if we are going to be consistent with how we judge NBA superstars, enough is enough. P ...

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The 5 Most Exciting Point Guards in the NBA

[caption id="attachment_12804" align="aligncenter" width="534"] Russell Westbrook's athleticism leads an exciting new wave of point guards that are just plain fun to watch. Via usatoday.com[/caption] As the NBA playoff push heats up, let’s take a look at the five most exciting, UN-INJURED point guards in the league. (All provided statistics are career regular season averages.) 5. Tony Parker-Best Veteran: a ...

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2012 Top NBA Players 20-1

…And here’s the grand finale, my top 20 players in the NBA heading into the 2012-2013 season. Some quick refreshers: Age and contract are not factored in—the question is simply how much do I like each player for this season To qualify, players must have played at least one game in the league last season (sorry Andrei Kirilenko) and be on a current NBA roster And, again, no rookies (Anthony Davis will not be ...

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Lob City: How The Clippers Are Taking Over LA

  For years the Los Angeles Clippers have been little more than a punch line. Playing second fiddle to the perennial greatness of the Lakers, the Clippers were seen as a franchise with a losing culture, and a racist, greedy owner in Donald Sterling. While the Lakers piled up championships, the Clippers piled up losses and disappointing lottery picks (Michael Olowokandi anyone?). The Lakers were Los Ang ...

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