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Where The Lakers Go From Here

Obviously the Lakers season did not end the way were hoping…not even close. They had to know they were a long shot to make the Finals even with a completely healthy roster, but a first round sweep?? Ouch… Now Dwight Howard becomes a free agent who will, despite a trashpile of a season, earn max money next year. Kobe has vowed to come back, but no one knows when that will be or if he will even resemble the p ...

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The Most Dangerous 8th Seed In NBA History: The Los Angeles Lakers

[caption id="attachment_12848" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: Steve Dykes / EPA[/caption] On January 23rd the Los Angeles Lakers lost on the road to the Grizzlies 106-93 and dropped to 17-25 to 12th place in the Western Conference. Most experts by now had completely counted the Lakers out and gave them no shot at making the playoffs. The story of the Lakers’ ineffectiveness and futility head ...

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A Good Franchise Gone Bad

At the beginning of the season, it seemed like the Lakers had it all. Kobe Bryant, one of the best players in NBA history. Dwight Howard, who is widely considered as the best center in the game. Steve Nash, who will end his career as one of the top three assist leaders in NBA history. Pau Gasol, one of the top five international players to ever play the game. Not to mention a supporting cast that included M ...

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3 Reasons Why The Lakers Will Turn It Around

To say the Lakers have started off shaky would be an understatement. 0-12 in the preseason followed by a 1-4 start to the regular season sent coach Mike Brown packing. Bernie Bickerstaff lead the Lakers back to .500 at 5-5, but since D'antoni has been on board, the Lakers have again fallen to 8-9. The problems are endless, both on the court and off. The Lakers seem as though they cannot find their rhythm. I ...

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Taking Bad Schotz NBA Power Rankings: Offseason Edition

This year’s offseason has been a wild one to say the least.  From blockbuster trades to stars signing with other teams, this offseason has been a memorable one.  Let’s take a look at how each team helped or hurt their position in the year’s first power ranking. 1.    Miami Heat Wait you mean to tell me that the NBA champs lost virtually nothing this offseason but added Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen?  The Heat ...

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9 Intriguing Matchups Of The 2012-13 NBA Season

Now that Coach K - who has a breathtaking vertical leap by the way (via Bleacher Report) - and USA Basketball have completed the chase for gold, it’s time to get back to the NBA offseason. Here are a few of the leading storylines from the offseason thus far, along with nine of the most intriguing matchups to watch out for this upcoming season (all times ET). 2012 NBA Offseason: Leading Storylines [caption i ...

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Lakers Rumored to be Interested in Bringing Back Odom and Ariza

Laker rumors have received more attention in LA lately than the best team in baseball, the LA Dodgers. Most of these rumors have been surrounding the twin towers in Gasol and Bynum, but Stephen A. Smith, and many other highly regarded NBA analysts have stated Odom’s interested in returning to the Lakers. As for Ariza, the Hornets are in cap space mode and Ariza will be their second highest paid player next ...

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