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2013 NBA Mock Draft (Vol. 2)

1.  Cleveland Cavaliers- C Nerlens Noel (Kentucky) I don’t think he’ll be the best player out of the draft, but he fits the mold for the Cavs. His defense is already at an All-Star level and his offense will only develop with the mentorship of Anderson Varejao (if not traded) and the help of Kyrie Irving. With a frontcourt of Alonzo Gee, Tristan Thompson and Noel, the Cavs could possess one of the most acti ...

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Taking Bad Schotz Podcast Episode 2

Jasper Apollonia, John King, and Greg Fenton bring you analysis of the Sweet Sixteen and talk a little baseball before Opening Day. Sorry we were a little late, Jasper had a bit of a health scare, but he's going to be ok! Next week we'll be more punctual. Just click episode two! https://soundcloud.com/jasper-apollonia ...

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Bracketology With Ratner (3/5/13)

With less than a month until Selection Sunday, here is my attempt at projecting the current tournament field using a S-curve model, more commonly referred to as Bracketology (a practice made popular by ESPN’s Joe Lunardi).   -Ratner ...

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Best NCAAB Conference Races

With Selection Sunday less than month away, college basketball now comes to the forefront of the sports universe. As we enter the final month of the regular season, here are my top 9 most intriguing (regular season) conference races, and my prediction for who will capture their league’s regular season titles: 9. Ivy League The Favorite: Harvard The Challenger(s): Harvard The Outsider(s): No one Summary: The ...

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Absolute Madness: The Craziest College Basketball Season in Years

Over the last several seasons in college basketball there has been at least been one team to stand out and rise above the others in the regular season. Over the last three years those teams have been Kansas (2009), Ohio State (2010), and Kentucky (2011). Those teams were not to be taken lightly with, and it caused the public to pick those teams to win it all in their brackets. Last year in ESPN’s Tournament ...

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College Football Preview: 9 Bold Predictions

The SEC's Reign Will (Finally) End Considering how dominant the SEC and USC have been during the past decade (from 2003-2011 either USC or an SEC team was featured in college football's finale), it is incredible that they have never met to decide the national championship. The truth is, the recent absence of USC has aided the SEC in their rise to national dominance. USC is the one program in the country bui ...

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