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Why Don’t People Watch Baseball?

Major League Baseball is facing a major problem right now. This should be the time of the year that baseball is king. There is no football or basketball or even hockey going on right now. So what’s going on? Why is baseball not king of the sports world? Why are sports fans more interested in NBA free agency than MLB games? Part of this problem has to with the job David Stern and Roger Goodell have done with ...

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Harper And Trout (Like Magic And Larry)

Think back 10 years. What do you remember about the MLB? I remember stars all over the place. Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Nomar, Clemens, and A-Rod just to name a few. Albert Pujols was beginning his 3rd season. Miguel Cabrera was about to splash on the scene as a skinny leftfielder for the Marlins. But just a few years later, something happened and these stars were gone. Bonds, Sosa, McGwire and Clemens retired ...

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Fantasy Baseball Predictions

Since Matthew Berry on ESPN came out with a prediction for each team, I thought I'd do the same. The only difference between my predictions is I will be right. Check it out. Arizona Diamondbacks Trevor Cahill wins 15 games, has a sub 3.00 ERA and is a top-20 pitcher. Atlanta Braves Justin Upton finds his groove playing next to his brother and hits .300 with 30-100. Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado become the ...

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MLB Roundtable: Season Preview

Opening Day is here, it’s time for some of our staff members to take a look at the upcoming season and make some predictions. What is your World Series matchup and who wins? Albright: I think the Nationals will take the NL pennant.  Their lineup is stacked with talent from top to bottom.  Even if someone goes down with injury, their bench consists of a few players who could prove useful given regular playin ...

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MLB Dubious Predictions

With MLB’s Opening Day coming later this month, many people are starting to sign up for fantasy baseball. Many sources around the internet have you covered if you want to know which players will have the most home runs, RBI’s, stolen bases, wins, saves or ERA. However, for every Mike Trout and David Price, there is a Ryan Raburn and a Nick Blackburn. There are not enough predictions on which players will ha ...

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Franchise Tag in the MLB?

The NFL deals with a hard cap, which means that teams have to stay under the designated dollar number, or else ‘pay the price’ with fines and/or loss of draft picks. One aspect of the NFL salary debacle that is different than all of the other American sport’s caps is the Franchise Tag. The Franchise Tag is defined as a designation that teams may apply to one player on their roster who would have otherwise b ...

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The Other 20-Year-Old Phenom

Mike Trout tore up the majors in 2012, hitting .326, stealing 49 bases, smashing 30 homeruns and scoring 129 runs — stats he accumulated in just 139 games. Numbers that many thought were MVP caliber, but he fell short in votes to Miguel Cabrera, the Triple Crown winner.  It is hard to imagine another young player having the season that Trout did in 2012, but I think in 2013 a different 20 year old has the p ...

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