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Here Come the Yanks

This season has been one to forget if you are a fan of the New York Yankees. In fact, there hasn’t been much to smile about since they were bounced from the playoffs in embarrassing fashion by the Tigers last year. Injuries have plagued New York tremendously and have sidelined stars like Derek Jeter, Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, Kevin Youkillis, and Mark Teixeira for a significant amount of time. If y ...

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New York Vs. Boston…Let’s Do It Again?

We’ve seen it many times, the old New York-Boston rivalry. Yankees-Red Sox, Jets-Pats, and (just a few weeks ago) Knicks-Celtics. Amazingly, though, the Rangers and Bruins haven’t met in the playoffs since 1973. Sure, each team probably has teams they consider rivals, but make no mistake about it that these teams don’t like each other. Besides the New York-Boston history, if the regular season matchups are ...

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Interleague Conundrum

We all knew this was coming. As soon as Bud Selig forced the Astros to move to the American League as a part of the sales agreement this problem was bound to come up. I want to get one thing out of the way; I love interleague play. I think it is great. Interleague play was a great way to split up some of the monotony of the season by playing new teams. As a young Yankee fan I can remember going to a game wh ...

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Fantasy Baseball Predictions

Since Matthew Berry on ESPN came out with a prediction for each team, I thought I'd do the same. The only difference between my predictions is I will be right. Check it out. Arizona Diamondbacks Trevor Cahill wins 15 games, has a sub 3.00 ERA and is a top-20 pitcher. Atlanta Braves Justin Upton finds his groove playing next to his brother and hits .300 with 30-100. Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado become the ...

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MLB Season Preview- AL East

The AL East is an interesting division. I could picture any team winning the division but at the same time, I could see any team coming in last in the division. The Yankees have injury issues.  The Orioles need to rekindle the magic of last year. The Blue Jays made the big splashes of the offseason. And the Red Sox are an improved team after last year’s Bobby Valentine debacle. It’s a toss-up. Division Winn ...

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The Downfall of Alex Rodriguez

The Yankees played poorly in the postseason. The whole team, not just one individual. It is actually amazing that the team even beat the Orioles in the Division Series. But Alex Rodriguez became the face of the Yankees’ struggles. We all know the story; Raul Ibanez hit for Rodriguez and hit 2 home runs, one to tie, one to win. Then Eric Chavez played for Rodriguez in the last game of the Yankees’ season. Bu ...

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Where Have You Gone, George Steinbrenner

While I have a few spotty memories from 1998, I started consistently watching baseball during the 1999 season. It was a good time to be a Yankee fan, as the team about to win its second consecutive World Series and third in the last four seasons. I have truly been spoiled throughout my time as a Yankee fan, as the only “down” year the team had was in 2008, when they missed out on the playoffs despite winnin ...

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