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The Madness Continues: Sweet 16 Style

Just when you thought you had your bracket won, more madness came along to mess with our minds. #3 Marquette 71 vs. #2 Miami 61 Out of the gate Miami looked sluggish and Marquette looked as on point as can be. The Golden Eagles opened the game up 17-7, and did not look back from there. Reports that Miami point guard Shane Larkin had been up all night because of sickness ended up being the microcosm to the e ...

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Taking Bad Schotz Podcast Episode 2

Jasper Apollonia, John King, and Greg Fenton bring you analysis of the Sweet Sixteen and talk a little baseball before Opening Day. Sorry we were a little late, Jasper had a bit of a health scare, but he's going to be ok! Next week we'll be more punctual. Just click episode two! https://soundcloud.com/jasper-apollonia ...

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Oh the Fun of Future Rounds

‘March Madness’ is probably the most appropriate description for the NCAA Tournament you’ll ever find. Unlike the regular season, the 68 teams that the committee selects to compete in the tournament all have no power over whom they will play. Number one seeds like Louisville do not have the option of packing early round matchups with teams like the Manhattan Jaspers or the Charleston Cougars (Both of which ...

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Bracketology With Ratner (3/5/13)

With less than a month until Selection Sunday, here is my attempt at projecting the current tournament field using a S-curve model, more commonly referred to as Bracketology (a practice made popular by ESPN’s Joe Lunardi).   -Ratner ...

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CFB First-and-10: On Tap

Out of the tunnel (1) It’s time to acknowledge what makes – in no particular order – Alabama and Oregon the best two teams in the nation. It isn’t scientific or even at all insightful. It’s just simple. The Crimson Tide and the Ducks both elicit the biggest compliment one can bestow upon a great team – they are boring. Yes, (2) Oregon lights up the scoreboard like fireworks in the sky on Fourth of July – ju ...

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College Football Preview: 9 Bold Predictions

The SEC's Reign Will (Finally) End Considering how dominant the SEC and USC have been during the past decade (from 2003-2011 either USC or an SEC team was featured in college football's finale), it is incredible that they have never met to decide the national championship. The truth is, the recent absence of USC has aided the SEC in their rise to national dominance. USC is the one program in the country bui ...

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Whats Next For The Buckeyes

  On December 20, 2011 the Ohio State football program was given a one-year bowl ban, one year of NCAA probation, and a scholarship reduction for the upcoming 2012-football season.  This was all because of what had happened in the previous year after players on the Ohio State roster were caught receiving 14,000 dollars in cash, and tattoos in exchange for jerseys, rings, and other memorabilia. The link ...

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