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2013 NBA Mock Draft (Vol. 2)

1.  Cleveland Cavaliers- C Nerlens Noel (Kentucky) I don’t think he’ll be the best player out of the draft, but he fits the mold for the Cavs. His defense is already at an All-Star level and his offense will only develop with the mentorship of Anderson Varejao (if not traded) and the help of Kyrie Irving. With a frontcourt of Alonzo Gee, Tristan Thompson and Noel, the Cavs could possess one of the most acti ...

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Closing Thoughts On The NBA Championship

1.    The Spurs came as close as anyone has ever come to a title [caption id="attachment_14535" align="aligncenter" width="567"] Photo Credit: (AP Photo/Eric Gray)[/caption] Heartbreaking. Gut-wrenching. Devastating. Crushing. You can call it whatever you’d like, but the point is perhaps no other team has come this close to an NBA title and gone home empty-handed. The Spurs were a made free throw away, or a ...

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Don’t Bet Against the Spurs

When they won their fourth championship in nine years back in 2007 they were already being called an “old” team. Well, once again they’ve somehow resisted the concept of aging on their way to their first NBA Finals in six years. If this series taught us anything it’s that San Antonio continues to reinvent itself; finding ways to win and finding ways to adapt. Make no mistake: the Spurs had the best chance a ...

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NBA Playoffs Round 2 Predictions

Golden State Warriors vs. San Antonio Spurs: Spurs in 6 [caption id="attachment_13728" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Photo Credit: (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith)[/caption] After an exciting up and down series between two of the most exciting and energetic teams in the NBA, the 6-seed Warriors now face the 2-seed Spurs. The Warriors were able to strive in a fast-paced round one against Denver, but now they fa ...

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KG vs. Duncan: Who’s Had The Better Career?

When I first considered this comparison, the answer was clear: Duncan is the better player. He has been the most consistent and fundamentally solid player in the last 20 years. But as I thought about it, I realized Garnett is dynamic in a way that Duncan has never been and will never be. Duncan will hit 8 out of 10 hook shots off the backboard, but he will never be the rebounding champion or defensive playe ...

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The Most Dangerous 8th Seed In NBA History: The Los Angeles Lakers

[caption id="attachment_12848" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Photo Credit: Steve Dykes / EPA[/caption] On January 23rd the Los Angeles Lakers lost on the road to the Grizzlies 106-93 and dropped to 17-25 to 12th place in the Western Conference. Most experts by now had completely counted the Lakers out and gave them no shot at making the playoffs. The story of the Lakers’ ineffectiveness and futility head ...

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The 5 Most Exciting Point Guards in the NBA

[caption id="attachment_12804" align="aligncenter" width="534"] Russell Westbrook's athleticism leads an exciting new wave of point guards that are just plain fun to watch. Via usatoday.com[/caption] As the NBA playoff push heats up, let’s take a look at the five most exciting, UN-INJURED point guards in the league. (All provided statistics are career regular season averages.) 5. Tony Parker-Best Veteran: a ...

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