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The Stingray Strikeout

We call it the ‘stingray shuffle,’ as Florida beaches fill with tourists and locals, swimmers are told to shuffle their feet back and forth to kick up sand and send dangerous rays into deeper water. In Tampa Bay, it might need to be renamed the ‘stingray strikeout.’ The Tampa Bay Rays have very quietly jumped back into the American League East standings at second place and only trail the Red Sox by 4.5 game ...

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Interleague Conundrum

We all knew this was coming. As soon as Bud Selig forced the Astros to move to the American League as a part of the sales agreement this problem was bound to come up. I want to get one thing out of the way; I love interleague play. I think it is great. Interleague play was a great way to split up some of the monotony of the season by playing new teams. As a young Yankee fan I can remember going to a game wh ...

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Fantasy Baseball Predictions

Since Matthew Berry on ESPN came out with a prediction for each team, I thought I'd do the same. The only difference between my predictions is I will be right. Check it out. Arizona Diamondbacks Trevor Cahill wins 15 games, has a sub 3.00 ERA and is a top-20 pitcher. Atlanta Braves Justin Upton finds his groove playing next to his brother and hits .300 with 30-100. Baltimore Orioles Manny Machado become the ...

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MLB Roundtable: Season Preview

Opening Day is here, it’s time for some of our staff members to take a look at the upcoming season and make some predictions. What is your World Series matchup and who wins? Albright: I think the Nationals will take the NL pennant.  Their lineup is stacked with talent from top to bottom.  Even if someone goes down with injury, their bench consists of a few players who could prove useful given regular playin ...

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MLB’s 2013 Breakout Players

  2012 was an anomaly. We are not going to see a player bust onto the scene like Mike Trout did last year. Add in another superstar like Bryce Harper, and well, that’s kind of unreasonable to expect. But that doesn’t mean some young guns won’t break out this season. Here are some names to keep an eye on for 2013. 1. Matt Harvey – SP – Mets – Harvey got called up late last season and looked every part o ...

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MLB Winter Recap

Maybe you were paying attention to college football, the NFL, NBA and the return of the NHL and missed out on all the action during the MLB offseason. This is a whip-around recap of what happened between the end of October and now. The World Series runner-up Tigers got off to a fast start and signed Torii Hunter to a 2-year contract to sure up their outfield. He joins a lineup with Prince Fielder and Triple ...

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Developing Prospects: The Rays’ Way is the Right Way

One thing that consistently confuses me as someone who pays attention to the inner workings of the baseball industry is the propensity for prospects to be rushed through the minor league system based on reputation and roster needs, rather than results. The minor league system, at its core, provides a process to separate the major leaguers from the washouts, the wheat from the chaff.  Ideally, an organizatio ...

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