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“Say It Ain’t So Wes!” Wes Welker’s Departure and the Future of New England’s Offense

All good things must come to an end. [caption id="attachment_12916" align="alignright" width="341"] Wes Welker's introductory press conference in Denver. (AP PhoteAndrieski)[/caption] So, when Patriots fans woke up Wednesday morning, after hours of wringing their hands at the start of the NFL’s annual feeding frenzy (also known as free agency), they had one thing on their mind: Wes Welker.  For if their liv ...

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Franchise Tag in the MLB?

The NFL deals with a hard cap, which means that teams have to stay under the designated dollar number, or else ‘pay the price’ with fines and/or loss of draft picks. One aspect of the NFL salary debacle that is different than all of the other American sport’s caps is the Franchise Tag. The Franchise Tag is defined as a designation that teams may apply to one player on their roster who would have otherwise b ...

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5 on 5 NFL Roundtable: Divisional Playoff Weekend

With our five writers going each 3-1 last week here is your Divisional Playoff Weekend’s roundtable discussion with Zach Schotz, Eric Huberman, Jason Weingold, Seth Goldberg, and Patrick Keenehan to give you our insight. 1. Choosing out of just the remaining quarterbacks in the playoffs, who would you want in a win or go home situation? Eric Huberman: In a couple of years this answer may be Aaron Rodgers, b ...

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Tom Brady: A Season For The Record Books

Every year, regardless of who steps on the field next to him, Tom Brady is the best player in the game. With a 5,000 yard season under his belt, a 50-touchdown record, MVP awards, multiple championships and of course, Gisele Bundchen, I think it's safe to say Brady has it all. But is all enough? The Patriots have put together probably the best group of weapons since the one-man show of Randy Moss and I thin ...

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2012 Top 20 NFL Quarterbacks

With football season two months away, its time to start looking at where players rank among their positions, and let the debates begin on who is better than who. Check to see where your favorite player ranks in the NFL (unless you’re a redskins fan, then you may want to avoid these lists). First up are the top 20 Quarterbacks in the NFL: 20. Josh Freeman: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Showed a lot of promise in 2010 ...

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Can’t Spell Elite Without Eli?

Now that everyone has had some time to think about what happened in the Super Bowl, do we all still really believe that Eli Manning is an elite NFL quarterback? Of course I can’t speak for everybody else, but I certainly do not. If you’ve won two Super Bowls in your career, odds are you’re a very good NFL quarterback, and the intent of my argument is not to deny this. However, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Peyt ...

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